1. Stem cells / Building a placenta from scratch
    Organized by Gijs Afink & Sandra Haider
    Confirmed invited speaker: Paulina Latos
  1. New intervention strategies and clinical trials
    Organized by Lynda Harris & Sally Collins
    Confirmed invited speakers: Edward Johnstone, Helen Jones 
  1. Stressors impacting placental function and programming
    Organized by Julian Christians & James Cuffe
    Confirmed invited speakers: Cheryl Rosenfeld, Rosalind John
  1. Placental aging, senescence and pregnancy outcome
    Organized by Amanda Sferruzzi-Perri & Anthony Perkins
    Confirmed invited speakers: Jürgen Pollheimer, Tereza Cindrova-Davies, Alexander Heazell
  1. Maternal-fetal interaction
    Organized by Mark Dilworth & Marie-Louise van der Hoorn

    Confirmed invited speaker: Kirsty Pringle

  1. Placental omics
    Organized by Geetu Tuteja & Brian Cox
  1. Non-invasive assessment of placental function
    Organized by Priya Pantham & Leena Kadam
    Confirmed invited speakers: Anne Sørensen, Larry Chamley
  1. Micronutrients and the placenta
    Organized by Hiten Mistry & Alison Gernand
    Confirmed invited speakers: Kimberly O’Brien, Sadhana Joshi
  1. Placental inflammation, infection and tolerance
    Organized by Lobke Gierman & Tamara Tilburgs
    Confirmed invited speakers: Tamara Tilburgs, Thierry Fournier

  2. Preeclampsia: addressing heterogeneity and disease risk
    Organized by Tu'uhevaha Kaitu’u-Lino & Daniel Vaiman

    Confirmed invited speakers: Nandor Gabor Than, Steve Charnock-Jones

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